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                 This feisty guy was rescued from auction after a tragic start to life in the midwest. He arrived to California malnourished with horrifically overgrown and damaged hooves, a tooth infection that destroyed his immune system, and so much fear that his rescuers could not even touch him again for weeks. With proper medical care, trimming, quality feed, and LOTS of love, Moo is now a rambunctious and curious guy who loves kisses on his muzzle, hand fed carrots, and adventures with his human friends.

             Chia's background is a bit of a mystery, but his new life started when he was rescued from a notorious auction in Texas. Trusting and curious, he just wants to explore and play with his herd. Chia's favorite pasttime is to go undercover as a bay, using whatever he can roll in! When he isn't covered in dirt, his big blue eyes, medicine hat, and shield make him a stunning little horse!

          Fig has always enjoyed a low-key life, but has really settled in with his mini herd. An Andalusian pony with flowing hair and a huge gait, he'd probably excel in dressage if he wasn't too busy getting shoulder scritches, meandering on trails, and lounging in the sun. This boy may pretend he's the herd boss, but everyone knows he really lets Moo run the show.